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The Condos simulate the home environment. The price for these luxury rooms is only $35 for 1 guest and $28 each for 2 guests that share the same condo (from the same family only). "Ask about our 1st time new Customer discount when you call". The Condos offer our guests the following:


Condo rooms simulate the home environment

  • Television
  • Central air & heat
  • Beds, ceiling fans & french doors
  • 3-4 walks in our fenced in yard
  • Doggie treats
  • ALL FOR ONLY $28-$35


Beds, Ceiling fans, and TV's  are all standard in the condo's

The Penthouse combines the best of both the Condos and the Jr Suites. They are priced at only $40 per night or $33 each for 2 guests."Ask about our 1st time new Customer discount when you call" The Penthouse is identical inside to the condos but guests also have their own outdoor run. This allows our more active guests to enjoy the following:


Here is Mimey. Mimey is enjoying her bed in one of the condo's. She is waiting for her favorite soap to come on the TV


  • 3-4 walks per day in fenced in yard
  • Fancy beds, ceiling fans, airconditioning and heat
  • Doggie treats
  • Guests have their own 5'x10' outside run



Here is our security guard working undercover !!